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Jesus’ Second Coming

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The Alpha and Omega Timeline by Dawid Van Rensburg is a biblical study guide of the timeline that Planet Earth is on and the End Time events leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and covering Genesis to Revelation (Revelation in commentary form), the author presents a broad spectrum and perspective of the timeline that was given by the Creator (Jesus) and that due to man’s depravity and free will, the timeline is adjusted by Jesus.

Keeping with biblical doctrine that no one know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return, only the Father that is in Heaven, this book keeps the focus on what to watch for in the days just before Jesus’ Second Coming.

Focusing on the on many different figures and events, the author gives a brief synopsis of The Fall, introduces readers to key biblical patriarchs such as: Moses, Elijah and gives highlights leading up the Flood during Noah’s time, teaching on the 70 weeks from the book of Daniel, gives insight into Ezekiel’s close encounter and also focus on the intense Tribulation period that is to come just before the end.

Dawid Van Rensburgstates that it is imperative to know what the signs are of Jesus’ coming and to not only be prepared mentally and spiritually, but physically. Albeit, the book differs a little from the Christian norm in that he uses the word “extraterrestrial” to describe the angelic and Jesus. This connotation is technical meaning, and displeasing for some, as others might agree that he is correct on calling Jesus an extraterrestrial.

With that said, this is an interesting read for those interested in Bible prophecy, namely End Time prophecy that gives insight on the Tribulation period. A highly recommended read due to the years of experience in studying the Bible and biblical prophecy, it is apparent this has become his life long passion and he desires to share his knowledge found in the Bible with others. Order your copy of The Alpha and Omega Timeline in Kindle.

A Must Read Book For Every Christian

Letters to Troy: Echos of Redemption by David Caringer relates the power of his written testimony that offers readers a poignant view of Jesus’ redemptive power. Offering readers fresh insight into life situations, relationships and revealing God’s greater grace that changes lives, the author writes with candor and enthusiasm as he shares memories of his childhood, adolescence and becoming an adult that will engage readers. Well-written, this book is unique and presents a perspective of an era gone by as the author was born in 1957 and grew up in an America that was much different than today’s modern world. Readers will appreciate his writing that reflects the times, history and story of his life that eventually brought him to the foot of the cross.

At the time of his upbringing, America was a great county, life was different and his family reflected a working blue-collar and involved church family. Eventually relocating to California from the icy temperatures of Chicago, his life story is intriguing, hilarious and sad at times, as he recounts his story of rebellion that led him to look for love in all the wrong places during the 70’s.

The term sex, drugs and rock-n-roll was a theme that prevailed during that era that unfortunately left his life in a dark stance for quite some time – until he later came to his senses. He recaptures the redemption of Christ in us in such a way that reflects God’s care, faithfulness, love and transforming power that brings new life.

A highly recommended read as this is a life journey that is not only entertaining, but teaches the eternal love of Christ and the love the Father has for His children. An amazing read and an amazing life.

Letters to Troy: Echos of Redemption at Amazon or in Kindle.

Christian Author Jeffrey Britsch gives readers hope, encouragement and increases faith through a 60-day devotional. Each devotional is designed to build faith, give readers insight into the daily struggle of faith in God in a world that seems to be chaotic at times. As the author speaks to readers through Biblical and practical application of the Word of God, we as humans are not promised a struggle free life. As members of the human race we will face adversity, trials and challenges throughout our lifetimes, but we are not without out hope. That hope is the cross, faith in Jesus Christ and the promise of the grace of God to see us through every trial and tribulation.

Filled with Scripture, this new series will powerfully impact your life. This comes highly recommended as a devotional to increase faith and Scripture memorization. Volume I begins readers towards intimacy with God, finding strength in the powerful scriptures that invigorate weary souls. The Struggler is available at Amazon, Kindle and at Christian Bookstore.


A New Christian Book Release ~ Go back in time to the Canadian wilderness.

Full of adventure and fun from Barbara’s life to yours, offering exciting insight into an era long gone. ~ CBM Christian Book Marketing

Killarney, CanadaAuthor Barbara L. Vanderstel presents Front Porch Tales, reminiscent of an era gone by, offering a glimpse of her family’s heritage as a farm family in the Canadian wilderness. Exciting, and invigorating, her childhood memories come alive as she begins the telling of being raised in a small rural town in the 1950’s.

With enduring harsh climates, blizzards, and snow up to the rooftops, life was filled with hard work, fun, country dances and summer time memories from the view of Barbara’s front porch. Enchanting and endearning, Vanderstel offers the taste of life during those days growing up in the Saskatoon country, and a rich family heritage full memories that transcend time and remind others of the value of hard work, family, love, trust in God and the importance of community.

As an author, mother, and Christian, Barbara L. Vanderstel has fond memories of growing up in the Canadian rural farmland. After taking a two-year writing course, Barbara discovered her love of writing and began to write A Book of Love in 2012 and Front Porch Tales in 2014 as a memorial to her family heritage. She has believes everyone has a story to tell. She encourages all to look up to heavenly things, and to not focus on earthly things (Colossians 3:2). Her life motto and one that she teaches all is to never give up on their dreams. Her writings inspire and encourage others to appreciate where they came from and to love God with all your heart, mind and strength.


A Wonderful New Christian Book Release

Not Just Some BUT …….. All of Me: A Challenge to Give God All That I Am by Ho’olulu Brito presents to readers a challenge: Are you ready to follow Jesus fully? Many have often wondered what it means to fully surrender their lives to Christ. With engaging enthusiasm, the author gives insights into what the life and cost of discipleship may look like. He has made the book simple. This is not a complicated formula, but simply preaches the truth of the Word and what Jesus teaches.

With keen insight into Scripture, the author reveals that Jesus desires those who will follow Him with a whole heart. As the author warns, this is not for those trying out Christ, or for those that aren’t fully committed to Jesus. This book is for those that want all of Christ’s blessings, for those who want to discover their purpose and destiny, and last but not least, for those who are willing to walk in it – fully surrendered. What a blessing this book is for those desiring the true riches, that only Jesus can offer.

Written by instigation from the Lord, readers will find this book refreshing and a fresh wind that will fan the flames to get them moving forward into their destiny. Many find themselves stuck. With that in mind, this book is designed to get readers unstuck and into living every moment, fully alive and activated with the Lord.

With such chapters as: A Life of Service, My Life is Not My Own, Covenant Power, Commitment, My Purpose, God in My Finances, My Marriage, The Leader in My Home, Just Make a Decision, I’m Not Qualified, What About Me, God’s Called Your For a Reason, A Willing Vessel, All I Need is Someone to Believe, The Favor of God, Called to be a Conduit, Open to Change, A Time of Preparation, Submission to Mentorship, Don’t Interrupt the Process, Wait on Me, Being a God Kind of Steward, Holding Nothing Back, Being a Man or Woman of Honor and A Closing Word, this book will transform, encourage and bring hope into fulfilling your destiny through Christ. Coupled with selected quotes from such famous Christian followers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Elisabeth Elliot, and Andrew Murray readers will also find the biblical principles intertwined within the text and the usage of scriptures a highly-valued teaching.
Get your copy of All of Me: A Challenge to Give God All That I Am in Kindle.

A Wonderful Must Read Book.

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The love of a father ~ In Letters to My Son Gary Bowen culminated from letters the author wrote to his beloved son during his incarceration in jail. Endearing, each letter expresses not only his thoughts, but preaches the Gospel of Truth as the author was led to instruct his son to get back on track with the Lord. After a series of arrests, it was later revealed that the son was hanging our kids that were considered “Goths” whom are believed to worship the devil. Revealing that there are only 2 paths to follow in this world, one is to serve God, and the other is to serve Satan.

The choice is yours as the author reiterates that just being a “good” person will not get you to Heaven, but confessing Christ with your mouth and believing in your heart that Jesus died and rose again to pay for your sins. Within this, the author’s instruction speaks to sons, but to all, encouraging them to follow God, most importantly reminding them to adhere to God’s words above all else as noted in Proverbs, presenting that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Much instruction is given on our thoughts and a walk with the Lord that reiterates the importance of prayer, daily Bible reading and community within a church. Readers will find this read inspiring and insightful. It is the hopes of the author that others will read these letters to his son and become born again. With much Biblical wisdom, the author speaks truths into the hearts of those that have been deceived into serving the Father of Lies, Satan. This book comes highly recommended as an evangelistic tool to reach out to those who are lost and/or imprisoned and/or using drugs.

Letters to My Son
Gary Bowen
ISBN #978-1-5144-3005-7 (SC)
A CBM Book Review 10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars

You may visit Gary at his site, Author Gary Bowen. You can get your copy of Letters to My Son at Amazon and in Kindle.